Food Pantry

Food Pantry

This ministry was born out a direct response to the need of our community during the current economic recession.  People came to the church asking for food.

Our goal is to reach out to those in crisis, to aid those in need, to support those in trouble and to be a witness for Christ in our community.



Financial Support
>a? Designate Christian Life Center as a charitable recipient of your organization, company or event, etc.

>a? Invite your friends and family to give monetarily.

>a? Contribute by committing to a set monthly amount of your choosing. Donation booklets will be provided with self addressed envelopes.

>a? Organize  and/or Sponsor a fundraiser, proceeds benefiting the Food Pantry.

Donate Food
>a? Participate in our “Brown Bag Project”. We supply the brown bags in your place of business or to your home monthly, in hopes that your visitors might be interested in contributing by filling the bags with non perishables and return the bags to your destination. We will gladly pick them up when necessary.

>a? Give by committing to donate in bulk, possibly when visiting Sam’s Club or Costco, pick up a little extra soup, vegetables, etc.

>a? Consider purchasing 10 packages of hotdogs or 10 chicken Roasters monthly. At the end of just one year that contribution would provide a much needed dinner for 120 families.

>a? Allow us to provide you with a small sized barrel to place in your business  so your customers and clients can donate non perishables directly into it. When full we can come by and empty it. If that is not convenient consider placing a donation can on your counter (that we will provide) for loose change donations.

We do not receive funding from federal, state or county agencies and, therefore we totally depend on community generosity and our own fundraising efforts. We are strictly non profit.

If you have the desire to serve in this area, please contact Stacey Holler at:  [email protected] or, leave a message for her at the church office (813.657.4802) and we will see to it that he returns your call.


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